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Twisted Limbs & Crooked Branches!

“When Great Trees Fall” … The north of Ireland was battered by heavy rains as violent storms caused flooding.  The downpours swept in from the Atlantic, hitting Co Donegal before moving across Northern Ireland during Tuesday evening.  Bridges collapsed, roads were washed out and … Continue reading

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The “Inner Circle” – Can the Barrier be Broken?

Definition of the “The Inner Circle”:  http://dictionary.reference.com defines the Inner Circle as “an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose”; http://www.collinsdictionary.com says, “a clique or a group of people or who share a common interest, aim or purpose”; whereas … Continue reading

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Reasons For Admission…

“Insane Asylums”!! In researching my family tree on one of the websites I frequent…. I found this document, entitled “Reasons for Admission: 1864-1889”. How many of us would have been already “locked up”?

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