Churches with which my families have been/are affiliated:


Ramelton 1st Presbyterian Church Aughnish, Milford, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Ramelton 1st Presbyterian Church
Aughnish, Milford, Co. Donegal, Ireland


Rathmullan Church of Ireland in Rathmullan

Rathmullan Church of Ireland in Rathmullan



St Columb's Cathedral - Courtesy of Derry Photos..

St. Columb’s Cathedral – 17 London Street, Londonderry

First Derry Presbyterian Church 2

First Derry Presbyterian – Upper Magazine Street, Londonderry

St. Augustines

St. Augustine’s Church – Palace Street, Londonderry

Christ Church - Drumachose 1

Christ Church Drumachose – Drumachose, Co. Londonderry

St. Canice's

Saint Canice’s, Balteagh Church of Ireland – Ardmore

Killowen Church of Ireland

Killowen Church of Ireland – Coleraine



Waterside Presbyterian Church  Clooney Terrace, Londonderry

Waterside Presbyterian Church
Clooney Terrace, Londonderry


RocketLife doc 1st

Ballinderry Middle Church


1st Ballymoney Presbyterian Church

Ballymoney First Presbyterian – Meeting House Street, Ballymoney

Stoneyford Church of Ireland

St. John’s Parish Church – Stoneyford

Derriaghy Church of Ireland

Christ Church Derriaghy – Derriaghy

Lisburn Cathedral

Lisburn Cathedral – Lisburn


St. Annes Church of Ireland

St. Anne’s Cathedral Church of Ireland – Belfast


Mountpottinger Presbyterian Church At the junction of Castlereagh Street, Upper Frank Street and Calvin Street in East Belfast

Mountpottinger Presbyterian Church
At the junction of Castlereagh Street, Upper Frank Street and Calvin Street in East Belfast


St Aidan's  Church of Ireland Parish Church, Glenavy

St Aidan’s Church of Ireland Parish Church, Glenavy


Knockbreda Parish Church, Belfast

Knockbreda Parish Church – Belfast

12 Responses to Churches

  1. Noel Lavery says:

    I am researching my Murdoch family connections from Lisburn and when I saw Lisburn Cathedral amongst your church pictures I wondered if your Murdoch connection is a Lisburn family?


    • cjmurdoch says:

      Hi Noel, not so far! However, there is definitely a Berry/Murdoch connection; although they didn’t marry in the Lisburn Cathedral. If you would like send me any names that are connected to your Murdoch’s and I’ll see if it fits with mine. If so, I would be more than happy to share information. Thanks for reading my blog!


  2. Noel Lavery says:

    My great great grandparents were Joseph & Agnes Murdoch of Lisburn. Joseph died in 1880 aged 50 (apparently) and Agnes died in 1890 aged 59. I am aware of 2 of their children Joseph born about 1850 died in 1928. He had two marriages in Lisburn Cathedral, wives Morgan & Johnston both predeceased him. My great grandmother Mary Jane Murdoch married Silas Leathem in Chirst Church, Lisburn 1879.


    • cjmurdoch says:

      Hi Noel, I’ll look into this over the next couple of days and get back to you. Your surnames aren’t “ringing any bells” at the moment. However, I do have many connections in that area (and will be there at the end of July); so, I’ll see what I can find.


  3. Wendie says:

    Hi Colleen, I found your site by accident but I’m very impressed with what you are doing! Me and my partner went to Ireland a few weeks ago and just loved it! We both have ancestry there. My family is the Gibson Family from Armagh. My grt grt grt grt grandfather was the Reverand of the Presby. church in Lislooney. and a grt grt grt uncle, Dr. Samuel Gibson in Armagh. We are the same Gibson family related to Mel Gibson. I noticed that there was a Church Lane committee in Armagh. One of my 3rd grt aunts lived in #2 Church Lane. Her name Sarah Gibson. I thought it would be wonderful to actually see a picture of where she once lived.. This was in Aug. 1856, according to a letter that was written to her. I’m just babbling..But I could talk about genealogy for hours! I would have liked to have met you as it seems we have a lot in common…Thank you…Wendie Allison

    Liked by 1 person

    • CJ Murdoch says:

      Hi Wendie, thank you so much for your note. I love Ireland too… even though I have lived their for 40 years, I go back and visit often. Heading back again July for two weeks; solo this time as I went with my little family last summer. We’re also planning a family trip back again next summer. I will keep an eye out for a photo of Church Lane In Armagh. I looked this morning, but have found nothing so far. Maybe I’ll have to start an album for Armagh on my Twisted Limbs FB page. I too could talk about genealogy for hours! 🙂 My daughter pops her head into my home office often and asks, “so, mom… how many dead people did you find today?” Keep in touch and if I can help you find any of your “dead people” let me know! 😀


  4. heneker52 says:

    Wonderful photographs Colleen, I wish I could find out where my O’Leary ancestors originated from in Ireland, one day!!!!!! hopefully I may eventually be able to look back on your blog entries and actually see some of their landmarks in your blog….wonderful work as usual…Cheers Vicki in Oz xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Vicki Lovell says:

    Hi Colleen, I really appreciate your offer. The trouble is, that at the moment I can’t even get past Australia!!! or even work which Daniel O’Leary is my g g grandfather (I know his name as it is on the marriage certificate of my great grandparents, however they did not put where either the bride and groom or the parents came from) on the marriage certs back in 1895… as there are many Daniel O’Leary’s and quite a few with a wife called “Mary” I am at a “brick wall”. I did get a bit of a 2nd wind after reading your blog last night and spent ages searching (instead of working on a very complex job application!!!!) but still ended up no better off!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Joy McMullen says:

    Hi Colleen – While casually perusing your beautiful church photos, I suddenly went to red alert! I have an ancestor that might have been baptized in this church. Her name was Margaret Esdale and she was the daughter of David and Esther (Kilpatrick) Esdale. Her birth was recorded as 23 May 1843. But church is listed in Ballymoney , Antrim in PRONI records. Would these be two different churches? I think I have found out that Ballymoney lies part in Derry, part in Antrim. Hoping you have been there and can clarify my thinking. The baptism notice said they were from “Artagon (Artigoan)” Does that ring any bells? If so, would love to ask how I might find out about the accidental/deliberate death of David around 1860.

    This widow, three sons and Margaret went to Ottawa around 1860 or so, and I have a great deal of information after that time but practically nothing from Ireland.

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  7. joymcm1 says:

    Hi Colleen – I was casually admiring your beautiful church pictures when I suddenly went to red alert! The Ballymoney 1st Presbyterian may be the church that one of my Irish ancestors attended. I have a baptism record for Margaret Esdale, parents David and Esther Esdale, 23 May 1843. After the entry it reads “Artagon (Artigoan)” I have thought that this is a townland name. However PRONI records, from which this entry came say, location is Ballymoney, Antrim.
    I seem to remember that Ballymoney lies partly in Antrim and partly in Londonderry. Would this be the same church you picture?

    David Esdale was killed after which the widow Esther and three sons and a daughter went to Ottawa around 1860-1862. I have most of their story in Ottawa, but practically nothing in Ireland.

    I would love to get suggestions on how I could pursue David’s death. Family lore says he died/was killed at a parade.

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